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dual monitor detected or not detected under esxi / mojave / gtx 1060 ?

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Hello to everyone.


I'm trying to turn on the monitor attached to my graphic card (1060) within mac os x mojave virtualized with esxi 7.0 because I want to pass thru it. I've installed the driver for the 1060 using the web-driver-toolkit that I got here : https://github.com/corpnewt/Web-Driver-Toolkit. This is the tutorial that I've followed :



It lets to install the best web driver for every version of mac that you have. I have mojave,so I've installed version : 387. At this pont I see that going under hardware / graphic monitor it detects two monitors. the first one attached to the default graphic card of esxi and the other one to the 1060. But going under System preferences / monitor,I see that only one monitor is detected. Do u know why ? I choose this way because I don't need to have the 3d acceleration. I just need to turn on the monitor attached to the 1060. Maybe I should install high sierra ? Is high sierra officialy supported by nvidia the web drivers ? Is the GTX 1060 officialy supported by nvidia the web drivers ? thanks.



As I said,I don't need to use my nvidia card,my goal is to be able to passthrough it though esxi. Or even better : I have already passed it through,what i want to do is to turn on the monitor where the card is attached. What I didn't understand yet is :


1) is the 1060 supported by high sierra ?


2) even without 3d acceleration and all the other goodies,can I switch from the esxi basic display adapter to the nvidia card ? I would like to put the nvidia card as main card and I want to turn on the monitor that's attached to it. only this.


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