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Alienware 15r4 HDMI and audio issue with brightness control!!


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Hello thanks for all the support and help, if you can please look into the problem reporting files here.
I have everything working on high sierra except these:

  1. HDMI audio
  2. brightness controls
  3. Black screen while boot when external monitor is connected to HDMI

I have an Alienware 15r4 with GSYC display(here intel doesn't work) and nvidia is the primary GPU for everything. I did inject device properties for 630UHD as it was causing problems during boot.

My biggest issues is the external monitor doesn't work when i boot and it works fine if i turn it on post boot. Basically when i'm done with boot and password prompt comes in and then if i turn the external monitor on it works just fine.
Also this laptop has intel directly connected to the usb-c for display and doesn't have any connection with HDMI. Only nvidia has the direct HDMI port connection.

Also, i have tried doing a kext to patch for appleHDA and also tried PEG0 ssdt but that doesn't seem to be working.


MY config:


Alienware 15r4 gsync laptop

32gb RAM

8gb GTX1070 GPU

intel core i7 8750H



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2 hours ago, Hervé said:

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Optimus technology is not supported on Hackintosh laptops; so you can only run either with the Intel UHD 630 iGPU or the nVidia GTX 1070 dGPU. Given that the iGPU usually can't be disabled through ACPI like the dGPU, this will require specific (Optimus/graphics) BIOS settings. For instance, some laptops offer to disable Optimus in BIOS in which case they run exclusively on the dGPU.
  2. There is no native support for nVidia Pascal dGPUs (just as there was none for Maxwell). Pascal cards/dGPUs require the nVidia Web Driver thereby limiting you to macOS High Sierra at the latest (no Web Driver for subsequent macOS versions).
  3. If you managed to get graphics working on your built-in LCD, please note that you're highly unlikely to gain brightness control.

Regarding audio, codec is Realtek ALC298. Today, nobody patches AppleHDA any more. Just use AppleALC (alongside Lilu since AppleALC is a PlugIn) and experiment with the layout ids until you find one that works to your liking.

Thanks for the reply but this is not optimus at all, its only dgpu nvidia 1070 gtx. My problem is hdmi out and when i try and use the monitor with laptop there is black screen but when i use it with external monitored powered off it works and boots up. Post boot up i can power on the monitor and hdmi works.

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