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Unexpected NVRam reset behaviour

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Just getting started with OC 6.2 so maybe I'm missing something.


I am trying this out on an MSI GT72s laptop. So far so good, everything is mostly working. I have an older High Sierra drive (separate drive, Clover in the EFI) in the machine along with a dual boot Catalina and High Sierra using OC (again separate drive.) 


Hitting F11 (clear NVRam) in Clover produces the results I would expect.


Booting into the Recovery drive from OC and running "nvram -c" in terminal also produces the results I wold expect.


Using Opencore's reset NVRam from the boot menu (I removed all the tools for now, this is just Opencore's built in NVRam reset) I get unexpected results. It will wipe out the drive order selection in my UEFI Bios settings. I definitely don't think that should be happening. It also does not remove any of the FakeSMC keys stored in NVRam from Clover (I'm using VirtualSMC with OC.) So it would seem that OC's "Reset NVRam" is not reseting everything it should be and is reseting some things it should not.


Anyone else experiencing something similar? I'm not sure where I should be posting bug reports or what info should be included, so I'll start here and see where it leads me.

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