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OpenCore Boot directly into macOS

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 I recently switched from Clover to OpenCore.
 And I want to Boot macOS with OpenCore without having to choose the operating system at startup because I only have Catalina installed.
 That is to say, I want that when I touch the power button of the PC it goes directly into macOS Catalina.
 In Clover it would be in the Boot section:
 DefaultVolume: (macOS Catalina)
 Fast: YES

 How could I do it in OpenCore?

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Misc->Boot->ShowPicker = False
Leave Misc->Boot->UsePicker = true.
It will automatically boot the update volumes for updates since macOS will set those as the new default when restarting for updates. You can choose a new default disk using Startup Pane in macOS, or by pressing alt+enter iirc in the picker. I'd also turn on UseAppleHotKeys so you can use Esc/Opt to bring up the picker at boot whenever you want.

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