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Any news on Asus ProART Z490-Creator 10G?

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Has anyone successfully installed Catalina on this board? I have some spare parts and I'm on the market for a Z490 Mobo with Thunderbolt (functional on MacOS) and a CPU, maybe a 10900k.

I really like ASUS and the ProART Z490 is pretty tempting but I couldn't find any history of success at least not a definitive one. I just found some people complaining here and there, no info about the CFG Lock although ASUS traditionally doesn't lock the BIOS but we cannot take anything for granted.

Next week I'll pull the trigger and my only option is the Gigabyte Vision D. Nothing against the Gigabyte, but I like ASUS more, pretty solid and well built.

Anyway..."if you know something, please say something" :)







Thanks @MaLd0n.

This is a general opencore EFI for z490 right?

I Have a Asus x299 Rampage Extreme with a 10920x. I know there's a lot of pain and suffering involved but do you think a I can have a stable hack on it? I mean, for a daily driver?



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