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I'm new to the forum. Unfortunately i cannot post somewhere else, so i start here. I have Z390 Aorus Master, 9900K, Clover 5122, cfg unlocked, usbport.kext, relevant SSDT's for my Hardware. But i'm jsut starting to get in the Open Core world. I saw a build from Audio God; this here: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/340936-audiogods-aorus-z390-master-patched-dsdt-efi-for-catalina-mini-guide-and-discussion/ which is a very good starting point, i have 95% the same hardware. First of all one question: I checked his EFI in there for Open Core 0.6.2 so the newest, in his ACPI Folder he has only SSDT-PMG and SSDT-PLUG, but when i check the Dortania Guide for Coffe Lake there is clearly stated that SSDT-AWAC and SSDT-EC-USBX is needed. So i would like to ask him, but i cant at the moment, why are these two SSDT's missing. Second: Is there something like a Open Core Theme Manager? For Clover i have a nice Theme Maanger where i can hide and rename my partitions, does that exist for Open Core. Or can i use my Clover Themes for Open Core somehow? And third: I have a Catalina/Windows Dual Boot Maschine with Clover, Windows is GPT partitioned means UEFI as well, does Open Core can boot both Osx and Windows?


Thank you very much for your help

For a Z370 board you will only need SSDT-EC-USBX-DESKTOP.aml and SSDT-PLUG-DRTNIA.aml which are samples download from the Dortina Install Guide. But if you have Z390 you will also need SSDT-AWAC.aml and SSDT-PMC.aml. You can read all this here: https://dortania.github.io/Getting-Started-With-ACPI/ssdt-platform.html#desktop

For theming there is a plugin available. But you will find that on this forum too.

Please update your signature to your system setup. That makes it easier to help. Welcome to InsanelyMac!

Likely because he is using a patched DSDT with everything by the looks of the post - which isn't the best approach especially when sharing it in a guide format. The DSDT can change with different BIOS versions - so it's honestly best to just use SSDTs.

For themes, there really isn't a theme manager afaik. OpenCore will use the information from .contentDetails within the various partitions (like Apple's picker does) for the name and icon iirc if provided. OpenCore can boots windows, though be mindful of the fact that both SMBIOS and ACPI will be injected into windows as well to keep a consistent environment. Modifications to SMBIOS can be worked around if you want - but be sure that any ACPI modifications you do take into account windows. Any of the SSDTs from Dortania should already do this.

Thanks @1Revenger1, his whole EFi is in there and it doesnt seems like he's using a patched DSDT, i guess this should be somewhere in the EFI Folder...I checked his whole EFI, i dont see a DSDT...Or where should the DSDT be?


Is there as well a way to just use the ACPI modifications for OSX booting and vanilla for Windows?


@Planet X, Thanks, where could i find this theming plugin?

The theming add on is already included in the eco drivers. It's open canopy. Read around on this forum how that will work. I don't use it. I just turn off the show picker value and I'm glad to only see an Apple logo with start up. I don't use a pre installed Windows anymore since more than 10 years. That's what I use VMware for. It's the safest way to use Windows in my opinion. I stopped gaming 15 years ago. A DSDT is not needed with OpenCore, it will be generated at startup automatically. When you use Windows too you will be better off with Clover Bootloader for what I have read. May be read around on this nice forum to find a solution for Dual Boot.

Booting Windows through OpenCore is fine - you'll likely want to use Kernel->CustomSMBIOSGUID = true and PlatformInfo->CreateSMBIOSMode = "Custom" (Not "Create"!) if you don't want it to override your SMBIOS info in windows/other OSes. ACPI will always be injected, but assuming your using standard SSDTs from Dortania, they all have been made to work with windows just fine, same with from SSDTTime I guess.

I don't know tbh, it just talks about patching the DSDT a lot - typically the DSDT is provided by the firmware at boot time normally.

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