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[SOLVED] USB Mapping - are Card Readers and Webcams supposed to be mapped as 'Internal' (255)?

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Hi everyone,


I am trying to port map my i7 8750H, HM370 chipset laptop (Overpowered 17+), but I am unsure what connector type I should set for the following devices,  which are USB:

My card reader

ITE 8291 revision 0.03 keyboard backlight controller

HD Webcam

Bluetooth USB Host Controller


According to the Dortania guide: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Post-Install/usb/manual/manual.html#ioprovidermergeproperties , Bluetooth is supposed to be Internal (type 255, proprietary connector).

However, I am unsure about the card reader, the keyboard backlight controller and the webcam ; are they also supposed to be Internal?



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