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DisplayPort and HDMI Nvidia Audio

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Hey guys.


So, I have a GTX 1080, i7 8700 and B360 GIGABYTE, and the following display setup:


HDMI: SAMSUNG 50" 4K > the main audio source I want
DisplayPort 1: G2460 PF HERO 24 144
DisplayPort 2: DELL 23.5"


My issue: I am currently using AppleALC with Lilu+Whatevergreen kexts on OpenCore (and on another HD i tried with clover).

I want my HDMI Samsung 50" 4K display to be the main audio source if it is connected. 

But, my Displayport 1 device, HERO G2460 PF, also has build-in Audio, which I don't use but its giving me isues.


Whenever I boot my hackintosh, it only shows under sound devices the G2460 PF hero monitor, instead of showing both HDMI and Displayport audio devices.


To fix it, I have to boot my hackintosh without my monitor plugged in the displayport, then it shows "SAMSUNG" under audio devices, then I can plug my monitor again. It won't show G2460 on audio devices, only samsung at this point.


I would like to be able to show both HDMI and DisplayPort devices there under sound devices if they are both attached,so I can always select samsung as audio device when needed.


If I have a headset plugged in it will perfectly show the SAMSUNG + Headset audio, but will never show the monitor. And if I boot my hackintosh with monitor plugged, it will show G2460PF + Headset, but not Samsung.

i can't make show both displayport  (monitor) and hdmi (tv) devices on audio devices. it shows only one or another in the audio device picker.


I have checked AppleALC on Xcode using a guide and there is already the properly 'rePLACE`FOR THE nvidia hdmi gp104 section. I really don't know what to do anymore.


I am using vanilla AppleHDA (default, non touched) and also doesn't have anything related to vooDooHda.


Screenshot at out 05 17-44-29.png

Screenshot at out 05 17-11-12.png

Screenshot at out 05 17-10-56.png


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