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Big Sur Clover 5122 ACPI SMC etc Kernel Panic (Nehalem Laptop)

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Hello eveeybody, 


I have tried to install Big sur for 3 months. But when i boot,my pc gives kernel panic about ACPIPlatform, AppleSMC and PCIFamily. 


I don't use any ACPI table. I use default settings. 





i3 330M

Mobility Hd 4570


(I know this pc is bad but i can install Catalina on this pc) 


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EDIT: @aliveli1512 About a week after my post below, a patch has been found for Arrandale CPU running Big Sur.  Refer to this repo/ReadMe.


Looks like you've experienced a known compatibility issue with Big Sur.  See this repo for installing BS on unsupported Macs and look for Incompatible Mac Models in the ReadMe.  Your Arrandale CPU is in the same family as the CPUs in the unsupported 2010 15"/17" MacBook Pro and 2010 iMac.  You may want to monitor this repo for a solution and also monitor this thread.  I'm in a similar situation for my laptop.

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Added note about patch found for Arrandale CPU
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