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Old Hack New Video Card

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Hello, here's my build:


MB: Gigabyte Z68X

Processor: Sandy Bridge i7 2600K

GPU: Radeon HD6870 -> RX 5600 XT


Apparently I need 10.15 to use my new GPU.

I'm having a hell of a time updating everything. I was on 10.9 but everything has changed so much. I'm starting to learn Clover configuration but I can't even use the newest Clover configurator on 10.9. I tried to update to 10.13 and finished the install but never booted into it. Now I can't even boot into Clover- I've tried several methods. I have not touched the RX 5600 XT yet, trying to get to 10.13 first to break up the updates a bit. So I'm running 10.9 on Virtualbox in Windows trying to get somewhere. I'm getting a boot:/ boot 6 error when I try to load my bootable USBs. Help?

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