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Finalising the installation (Asus VivoBook X512F)

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So I managed to get macOS Catalina finally working on my laptop.

I used opencore 0.6.1.


So I have a couple of problems:

 1) No Audio, I tried following the opencore guide https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Post-Install/universal/audio.html#fixing-audio-with-applealc , but I didn't really understand how to get it working.

 2) Is there a way to enable the HDMI port? (Im using Intel UHD 620).


Sub problems:

1) TrackPad not working.

2) Keyboard light not working

3) Is there a way to change the keyboard layout? as in configuring a new command button? 


These are probably my main concern for know.

thanks for the help (I added my config folder)


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