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Success on MSI X299 SLI Plus

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Hello everyone:


This is just a big THANK YOU! to the OC team.


I was able to install successfully macOS Big Sur Beta 6 (version 20A5364e) on my system MSI X299 SLI Plus with Intel i9 9940X using OpenCore 0.6.1. I followed the amazing guide here


I have been a hackintosh user since 2013, on laptops and desktops. I started with Chameleon but moved to Clover pretty quickly. My X299 system has suffered a lot with the Aptiofix problem, but with OC it was smooth sailing. The guide is really well done!


You can read a bit more about my installation here:


Basically, I had to add npci=0x2000 to the kernel arguments, and I had to create my own RTC0 patch. Otherwise, all good!


Thanks again.


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Correct beta version
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