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ASUS Zenbook 15 10th gen- weird problem with hack.

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Hello. I own this Zenbook 15 https://www.asus.com/Laptops/ASUS-ZenBook-15-UX534FAC/specifications/ with i5-10210u cpu, and try install Catalina on it based on Dortania Comet Lake laptop guide. Everytime i boot verbose, everything load perfectly, when graphics should start it starts, apple logo shows with progress bar but it stuck here. One time i got installator booted and install Catalina, then one time it boot to desktop (i dont know how this possible really, same config), then second boot to installed macos stuck apple logo (?) and now everytime it stuck here with progress bar, crazy? read more, i have got an idea to type password on stuck apple logo and hit enter, then i see cursor of mouse, i try pressing some keys and i find when i press F11 desktop shows, then when i try open some app, desktop disappears and apple logo shows again.... i know this sounds like im on lsd or some {censored}, thats why i record this and attach my EFI too. I hear this can be something with memory. In this zenbook RAM is soldered :/. Pls look at this mayby someone have similar issues.

EFI https://wetransfer.com/downloads/c3a3ac93833e5ec7bcc481a3ed7349c020200920230813/f95513

VIDEO https://wetransfer.com/downloads/6a017be4105a99e7b2d88a22381d3e4420200920224002/b5b296

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I am Zyzz's friend and I saw the video he sent me on discord and I couldn't help because I didn't know what was causing the issue.

To make it more clear, what was happening for those who haven't taken a look at the video yet: basically, he managed to boot into catalina's installer (phase 1 and 2 of the installation process) and then, after booting into catalina, even though there was apparently graphics acceleration (transparency, etc..) and the display's max resolution was shown, whenever an application was opened, the apple logo loading screen would be shown again and keep on showing again a couple of times. Other things to be taken into consideration: moving windows was sluggish and opening applications or finder would not work most of the times.


This made me think initially that it was a graphical issue but he has reported that he tested it again by booting with no graphics acceleration (by changing the device properties to an invalid igpu ID) and the same thing happened.

The config.plist he's using has been confirmed to be entirely accurate according to Opencore sanity checker.

I personally think it might be a framebuffer issue or something wrong with CPU or memory configuration.

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