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Crazy Pixelation on Catalina w 660TI

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So tbh after poking around on google this sounds like more than just an issue with drivers or my gfx card as others are also reporting this but i came on here just in case especially because the large pixelation/artifacting only seems to be when 3d graphics are being used. This issue is not present in windows. It happens within the OS as well usually when moving windows between screens but its intermittent. However, it happens every single time i try to load a game (war thunder) which has a native installer through steam for macos so no like wine or nothing. 

GTX 660Ti is based on GK104 Kepler chip. Unfortunately, this chip is indeed suffering from macOS driver bugs that remain unresolved to date. I would not expect anything in terms of a fix at any time given that the issue has been reported since at least High Sierra.


Bottom line is that nVidia in macOS is a thing of the past and wisdom dictates to consider different and better supported cards (even if other/better Kepler cards not based on GK104 chip are Ok).

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