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Best hack method for series 9 motherboards?

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Howdy all. Things have moved fast since my last hack build, which was a simple Mojave installation on an HP Elite 8300, and I need some help deciding the best path to help a friend. I originally built his Hack in 2015 with a single update to High Sierra. Mid-summer, he sent me an email apology for trying to update to Mojave when an update to GarageBand was refused without the update. The system survived the attempt, but has been degrading and now he's struggling to get it to boot. I plan to install Catalina since Big Sur will be so new.


His technical specs are:


Haswell i5-4570S


His GTX 750 Ti won't work, so he is ordering a MSI RX 570.


I was really happy with Clover building the HP. Researching Open Core, it appears very stable but most every guide focuses on AMD processors. What success has everyone had between the different hackintosh build options using 9 series motherboards and Haswell chips?


Thanks a bunch

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OpenCore really is for advanced users and requires very precise settings. If you or your friend are not advanced users, I'd recommend you stick to Clover for its long-established stability, wide use and the extensive expertise throughout the Hackintosh community.


Installing Catalina with Clover on a Haswell desktop platform with a Radeon RX570 graphics card should be a no brainer. It can even be done before the discrete graphics card is delivered given that Desktop HD4600 is fully supported.

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Thanks. This is the sense I had of the options. Open Core came out of nowhere while I wasn't paying attention, and research has been all over the place in terms of use cases and process. What I've read looks solid, and approachable if tedious, but way beyond him. Clover is approachable enough to walk him through a repair if he experiences an issue.


Is r/hackintosh vanilla install guide the best process guide at this point? Wish like hell I'd had a guide like that for my first few builds.

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