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Running older macOS on VMware

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Hi, people!

I'm pretty new into Apple's software and stuff and tried myself already with running Catalina or Big Sur on VMware but I wanted to try something older for basic use and couriosity mostly due the lack of drivers for vmsvga2 or my NVIDIA GPU in host,

I choose Leopard, bought a disc, burnt to iso and set virtual machine on VMware, on boot I was getting an error that this isn't a macOS Server guest and VM will power off. I started some research and found on this forum that I need some other unlockers for running older macOS, it's that thread here: 

So I started looking on your forums for a correct unlocker, found a few links but still that seems to not be that right unlockers for older macOS systems.

I appreciate any of your help and sorry if I supposed to reply on that thread I linked, I wasn't sure if I should reply under mentioned thread or make a new one and yeah, my English is questionable sometimes for what I'm really sorry, trying my best as it's not my native :P






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