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HELP!!- Prelink injection Lilu.kext (Patch engine) - Invalid Parameter

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When trying to boot the macOS Big Sur installation media I have created by following the standard procedures and using the opencore i had created to boot off the preinstalled version of macOS Big Sur developer beta few months back.

I have been able to boot that old preinstalled image of dev beta1 but now trying to boot the installer from the usb with same Opencore 0.6.0, i get the following error. Please help me at the earliest. ASAP!

00:000 00:000 OCC: No compatible mode for 1366x768@0 (max: 0) resolution
00:071 00:071 OC: Changed resolution to 1366x768@0 (max: 0) from 1366x768 - Not Found
70:274 70:202 OCAK: Failed to locate _xcpm_core_scope_msrs - Not Found
70:658 00:384 OCAK: Failed to locate _xcpm_pkg_scope_msrs - Not Found
70:691 00:033 OCAK: Failed to locate _xcpm_SMT_scope_msrs - Not Found
70:791 00:099 OCAK: Failed to locate printKextPanicLists (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) - Not Found
70:816 00:025 OCAK: Failed to locate _cpuid_set_info (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) - Not Found
70:881 00:064 OC: Prelink injection Lilu.kext (Patch engine) - Invalid Parameter
70:914 00:033 OC: Prelink injection VirtualSMC.kext (SMC emulator) - Invalid Parameter
70:939 00:024 OC: Prelink injection WhateverGreen.kext (Video patches) - Invalid Parameter
70:972 00:033 OC: Prelink injection AppleALC.kext (Audio patches) - Invalid Parameter
71:003 00:031 OC: Prelink injection SMCProcessor.kext () - Invalid Parameter
71:028 00:024 OC: Prelink injection USBInjectAll.kext (USB ports injector) - Invalid Parameter
71:050 00:021 OC: Prelink injection RealtekRTL8111.kext (Realtek Ethernet LAN) - Invalid Parameter
71:081 00:030 OC: Prelink injection AirportBrcmFixup.kext (Broadcom WiFi fix up) - Invalid Parameter
71:105 00:024 OC: Prelink injection BT4LEContinuityFixup.kext (Bluetooth fix up) - Invalid Parameter
71:138 00:032 OC: Prelink injection RtWlanU.kext (Wifi USB) - Invalid Parameter
71:170 00:032 OC: Prelink injection RtWlanU1827.kext (Wifi USB Addon) - Invalid Parameter
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