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Sometimes, a few seconds after logging in on boot, the usb mouse stops working


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I have been having a small issue, as in the title, where sometimes after logging in on boot (never from sleep), the usb mouse will stop working after a few seconds. I usually just fire up the terminal and reboot because my PC is in the drawer and the access to the back is severely obstructed. I switched to Open Core a couple of weeks ago and it's still happening just as it has been happening on Clover, probably since I installed Catalina. Does anybody know what's going on here? I have Karabiner installed and use it only for some keyboard remapping. That's pretty much the only problem that I have on my hack. Thanks.

Z370m D3H


Asus RX580 8GB

USB ports mapped. If anybody wants the EFI folder, will post it as well.

Extra question: Is it possible to unmount and remount a usb device like in Windows? Or is a reboot necessary?

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