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High Sierra is the last officially supported version for Sandy Bridge computers such as yours. You may install and run Mojave and Catalina with special tricks for the graphics, knowing that you'll only be able to use the HD3000 iGPU because:

  • Optimus technology (dual-graphics for nVidia/Intel) is not supported on Hackintosh; so you can only run on the HD3000 iGPU or, sometimes, on the nVidia dGPU.
  • GT 540M is Fermi generation and Fermi dGPUs are not properly supported in Sierra/High Sierra. No support whatsoever in Mojave and Catalina. Fermi dGPUs were last fully and properly supported in old OS X El Capitan.
  • HD3000 is last officially and natively supported in High Sierra; it can be supported in non-Metal/OpenGL-only mode in Mojave and Catalina after applying special tricks that install drivers and frameworks from previous macOS versions. Those tricks have to be re-applied after each update and got really complicated to apply from Catalina 10.15.4.

I would recommend you stick to macOS High Sierra and also keep in mind that HD3000 tends to get a little buggy over time if you avoid reboots and mostly operate your laptop in sleep/wake mode. This can be somehow (but not fully) improved with maximising RAM to 8GB thereby leading to 512MB default NVRAM (384MB by default with 4GB RAM) and applying a patch to the SNB framebuffer (the graphics driver) to push this to 2MB.

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