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Mouse Glitch / Stutter and Restart Issues

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Hello Campers! 
I am currently up and running with my first build Hackintosh, but have two remaining outstanding issues, which I am hoping someone more experienced might be able to assist me with.
The first issue is that my mouse randomly jumps / glitches which appears as a stutter when moving the mouse, moving a window or scrolling over the dock. The motion should be more stable / smooth but I am not sure exactly what might be causing it - any suggestions?
The second issue is that I am unable to restart my machine with it stalling at the BIOS due to POSTed error due to a failed shutdown. I previously had FixShutdown checked, but this did not resolve the issue. 
I have uploaded my EFI config and IOREG files to the following location if anyone would be able to help me resolve this issue? https://we.tl/t-tAl6LhEncz

Kind Regards, 



Library - Extensions Folder.png

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