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gtx 970 kernel panic with latest High Sierra/nvidia web driver


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I was running my MacPro 5,1 happily with GeForce GTX 970 with the n-1'th versions of nvidia web driver / High Sierra for several months, when suddenly, yesterday, whilst using zoom (vidconf), system reboots with kernel panic. So,


1. I tested GPU RAM and main RAM using Tech Tool Pro, all fine.

2. I swapped in the original graphics card so I could ..

3. install latest High Sierra (17G14019) (I had been holding off for several weeks until an nvidia update became available, you know the drill...)

4. install latest nvidia web driver (387.

5. reboot and run Heaven graphics test


Heaven ran for a few minutes before the kernel panic rebooted the system (attached kernel panic report).

I managed to get "chat" support from nVidia but the tech was useless, saying there were no drivers for GTX 9series for mac (which actually he seems to be right, as I can't find it listed in the supported cards on their website, but then I and many others have been happily using this for years...).


Any ideas? The computer keeps crashing with the same kernel panic. I want to keep using my GTX 970 as the stock GPU is deadly slow on any kind of games :-(


Thanks in advance for your help!

error log.pdf

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