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Detecting / recalling settings from clover bootloader?

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Hi All,


My stable setup is a P55-ud4p running dual boot El-Capitan, and Windows-7 on one of those pci-e SSDs that can boot in a legacy bios system. It took a little bit of messing around to get it to a true GPT system with OS-X and windows 64-bit installed with GPT (essentially fooling the system into believing it’s an EFI using clover bootloader).  It runs so well in fact, that once everything was installed I forgot to document how I did it.


Is there any way to determine if I installed to ESP, boot0ss, boot0af, etc?


Im sure this is a noob question to some of you, but I’m thinking of trying to get Catalina installed and windows10, so trying to remember what I did in 2017 is a bit of a daunting task. 

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