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0.6 vs previous versions?

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I have several hackintosh builds as I maintain them for my extended family - most are Haswell era i5's with RX580 GPU's. My personal PC is based on a ryzen 3600. So far I have migrated three of them to OC 0.5.8 with the remainder still on Clover.


My question is aimed at getting a kinda 'plain English' idea of what the Opencore devs are focused on? For example is there much if any point in updating a Haswell era machine to OC 0.6 from 0.5.8 given everything seems to be working perfectly well? What might be the potential benefit? Personally - given the non-techy people I'm maintaining these machines for, stability and reliability are big priorities versus 'features' - but it's quite tricky understanding even what the OC devs are targetting as things they're trying to fix or improve - especially since my 0.5.8 based machines work extremely well.


Am I right in thinking that a lot of OC development time is aimed at newer MacOS versions? Big Sur for e.g.? Because if that's the case given my total indifference to running anything later than Mojave, then it would seem that 0.5.8 would be perfectly fine . . .


Would there perhaps be more point in keeping a Ryzen based machine up to date as that might be more of a focus for development just because it's a more current CPU - or doesn't the OC development work that way?


I've tried to read the "differences" PDF but frankly it doesn't make much sense and is in any case described as being 'broken'  . . .


cheers all

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