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Mi Notebook 14Horizon Edition Hardware Support Required

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I have a mi notebook 14 horizon edition (https://www.mi.com/in/mi-notebook-14-horizon/specs/) with Intel Core i5 process, Nvidia GeForce MX350 Graphics and 8GB RAM memory. I am searching for supporting mac os with this hardware but did not find.


It would be great if you add mac os build support for this hardware.


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10th gen Comet Lake i5/i7 are supported since Catalina 10.15.3.

nVidia GeForce MX350 is a Pascal GPU. Only possibly supported in older macOS Sierra/High Sierra AND only with the nVidia Web driver (no native support). Totally unsupported in subsequent macOS versions (Mojave, Catalina, Big sur, etc.).


You'll have to disable your Pascal dGPU (to save battery life if nothing else) and configure your Hack to run solely on the UHD620 iGPU of your mobile Comet Lake CPU. Follow the guidance for any existing Kaby Lake/Kaby Lake R/Coffee Lake/Whiskey Lake laptops. Start with basic support (CPU, graphics, input devices) and add support for hardware accessories (LAN, Wifi, audio, etc.) in a 2nd stage.


It'll be important that you identify the exact model of NVME SSD fitted to your laptop because not all such SSDs are compatible. You can search about this on the Net, you'll find lists of compatible/incompatible models. If it's a SATA model, no problems to be expected.

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On the SSDs NVME:



Personally 970 evo it's a beast on linux, but on MacOS there are better options like Sabrent Rocket or even Sabrent Rocket Q (in theses drives I don't know if NVMeFix is needed, but I have been using it without problems). On 970 evo, NVMeFIX is absolutely essential because it gets very hot and it's more power hungry than Sabrent.

from MarFre22  in https://github.com/daliansky/XiaoMi-Pro-Hackintosh/issues/462#issuecomment-706093537


I personally run a EVO 970 and had no problems so far with heat or reboots or anything but im just useing this hackintosh for a few days now... So we will see. IF the evo gives out at some point i will buy a sabrent.

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