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Mojave on a *2020* 13" MacBook Pro - SUCCESS - but I need HELP

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Apologies if this is not the most appropriate sub forum. I wasn't certain where to put this as it's not a hackintosh. But I'm hoping it's hacky enough that the mods allow the thread to remain. I definitely need some help with some specific kexts, so this seemed like an appropriate place.


I've managed to install Mojave (10.14.6) on the internal drive of a 2020, 13" MBP (16,3).


It mostly works. But WiFi and TouchID do not work at all. Also, I have no preferences for the trackpad - though it does register clicks and moves the pointer. AFAIK, everything else works. Bluetooth, battery, sleep, graphics, Thunderbolt, speakers, mic, camera - all working.


So the question becomes: how do I take the appropriate kexts for WiFi, TouchID and the trackpad from Catalina and make them work in Mojave?

I'm also in something of a self-imposed hurry. I'm only keeping this MBP if I can get Mojave fully functional. Apple only allows returns for fourteen days, and I've already spent three getting this far. So eleven days or bust.


If anyone has any insights on how to make the WiFi, TouchID and trackpad Catalina kexts compatible with Mojave I sure would appreciate it.

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Why on earth do you do such a bizarre thing??? MBP16,2 is Ice Lake and has no proper support in Mojave, especially graphics (no ICL graphics kexts)! I'm surprised the kernel supported the CPU.


A Coffee Lake MBP16,3 2020 model would have better support being so close to its predecessor but not ideal either (new keyboard/touchpad)... If you need to run Mojave, you ought to consider a refurbished 2018/2019 MBP15,x instead. Ok, it's "butterfly", but...

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