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My First Hackintosh Laptop HP EliteBook 820 G3 SkyLake i7-6600u HD520

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This is how I would create my first hackintosh MacBookPro 13,2 on HP EliteBook 820 G3. I selected this one as an example because it has Ethernet and it. can be made as a perfect MacBookPro 13,2. This procedure will actually work with all Laptops and Desktops too. Watch the videos carefully.

1. Gather all information about the hardware, download solftware, create flash drive installer with Catalina using Clover and OpenCore boot loaders.



2. Understand the files inside boot loader and create the config files for both Clover and OpenCore boot loader.



3. Actual installation and post installation.




Install macOS Catalina to External USB Hard Drive.



Patch DSDT and SSDTs for perfect Sleep/Wake and USB ports power.


Use External USB Wifi


Install DW1820A instead of DW1560 for BT4.0 and Wifi.

Patch AppleALC For Audio Codecs




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