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BIOS restarts laptop when I press F9 to select OpenCore

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So, I have been a Clover user since forever, (R4961). recently i decided to switch to OC. and i must say, its great. many of my "Mystery issues" have been resolved. but a new issue is occurring.

When I click F9 to get to the boot picker, laptop immediately restarts and I have to press F9 again to get in. this never happened with Clover before. this issue is not a deal breaker, but it is kind of annoying. You may ask, why F9? my Answer to you is 1-OpenCore wont show up in the boot priority list. 2-i do not want OC to touch Windows at all. i've been using this "method" with Clover for 9 months, and no issues.

I also tried enabling config.plist -> Kernel -> Quirks -> DisableRtcChecksum -> true. as instructed by the guide. I also updated my BIOS. the guide also said something about RTCmemoryfix which I am confused about. i didnt understand how to configure it.

Below you will find my Config.plist with a modified Serial number (just to keep my OG serial safe).


My hardware :

LAPTOP : HP Pavilion 15 AB-237-NE

CPU : Core I7 6500U

DGPU : GeForce 940M (Disabled with SSDT)

IGPU : HD-520

RAM : 8 GB

BIOS v : F 91

OC version : 0.5.9

MacOS Mojave 10.14.6

Kexts, Drivers, and prebuilt SSDTs are all less than 16 hours old. (RELEASE)

Thanks for your time.

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