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Opening up a Macbook Pro with stripped screws

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I'm having a big problem here opening up the bottom panel of a Macbook Pro. The Macbook is crashing on reboot (long complicated story) so I'm attempting to open up the back and see if disconnecting and reconnecting the RAM, HDD, etc. will help. The problem is the screws are not removable. I've managed to take out at least 3 out of the 10 screws with great difficultly. I've tried almost everything to get the remaining screws out so that I can open up the back. These are the things I've already tried. Please bear in mind before I attempted these I attempted to open it with a larger screwdriver and I believe this is what striped the screws and made it much more difficult to open. iphone 13 ringtone

1) I've tried ordering the correct screwdriver for Macbook screws. This is what I managed to get 3 screws out with but the rest are completely stripped and the screwdriver just swivels inside of the screw and there is no grip what so ever and the rest won't turn in the slightest.

2) I've tried the "Rubber Band" method of laying a rubber band over the top of the head of the screw and trying to screw through it for grip (no avail on any of the screws)

3) I've tried the "Super Glue" method of putting super glue on the screw and the driver and allow them to stick before attempting to screw again (no avail on any of the screws)

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