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Looking for iPad Pro 2020 dock/dongle with UCB-C power passthrough and satisfactory audio DAC.

Darf Nader

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I have been trying to find a multipurpose USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 dock for my iPad Pro 2020 and as far as I can tell all of the portable “docking station” devices have analogue audio provided by DACs that provide absolutely terrible audio fidelity, let alone video performance/reliability. The only exceptions I’ve point are are the high-end desktop docks which are intended for laptops (often specifically MacBooks) or an audiophile grade USB-C DAC which doesn’t provide USB-C passthrough for charging.


Therefore, I’ve so far been unable to find a portable multifunction dock (as as in no built-in power supply but accepts as standard 80W or 100W power supply input). I would considering paying for those excessively priced “audiophile” DAC if they only allowed for iPad Pro charging while connected while preserving fidelity. I don’t need a tube headphone amp. Honestly even the Apple DAC in their headphone dongle is above average fidelity that’s suitable for a good set of cans. What I cam finding is that every iPad Pro dongle has terrible analogue audio. I have not found one in my search, let alone one that has other ports such as HDMI, display port, USB-3.0/1, etc... Even the “high end” multiport docks have godawful analogue audio fidelity and often wretched video performance. I don’t quite understand why this is all that’s available!


Has anyone else here gone on this hunt and found something suitable? I literally just want to using my Grados and charge my ISB-C iPad at the same time.




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