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USB 2.0 Ports don't work on HP Laptop with Enoch

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Hello, I recently upgraded my HP Pavilion DV6700 from 10.9 to 10.10 and finally 10.11. Now that I updated, my USB ports don't work, and I can't shutdown or restart fully either. The restart was expected as the tutorial I followed for installing Hackintosh said I wouldn't be able to restart, but the other things weren't expected. I was hoping for some help at least on the USB ports part as I tried on Reddit and no one helped.


My specs are as follows:

CPU: Intel T5750

GPU: Intel GMA X3100


Exact Laptop Model : HP Pavilion DV6934CA

USB Ports: Only 2.0

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Hey, I just found out in my DSDT I have 6 UHC ports and 2 EHC ports. When changing the EHC1 & EHC2 to EH01 & EH02 respectively, no USB ports work. But when they are EHC1 & EHC2, only the USB ports which I used to install Mac on works. Every other USB port doesn't work. Thanks for the help!

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