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KP after Migration Assistant Mojave OC

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So I had a solid install of Mojave using OC on an H97M with 4460S board - this PC had previously been running High Sierra but from Clover - also a solid reliable install.


The OC Mojave install just had an 'admin' user I used to test the system and tweak - bringing over the Serial and Board ID etc from the Clover install so iMessageetc should continue to work without having to re-authorise and all that {censored}. Having done that, I needed to bring over the user directories from the High Sierra drive so I used Migration Assistant - which I won't be doing again! That said I'd appreciate some advice as to whether to try to rescue this mess or just start over?


The problem according to the verbose boot screen seems to be kext based in that the Migration Assistant has imported kexts from the Clover install into S/L/E and L/E on the previously vanilla Mojave Open Core install . . . . so I booted into the High Sierra Clover drive and deleted those kexts from the Mojave OC drive's S/L/E and L/E hoping the problem would magically go away (late at night braindead move) so now I need to repair the permissions on a NON boot volume - with a boot volume I'd just fire up Kext Utility, but with a non boot volume I presumably need to use terminal from the Clover High Sierra boot drive since I can't boot into Mojave.


This is because the verbose screen ending in a KP talks about having older kexts pre linked so it is disregarding newer kexts which must be coming from OpenCore? I found the following code in another post, but I'd have a lot more confidence attempting this if some kind soul could spell out what's doing what


rm -f /Volumes/my-osx-drive/System/Library/PrelinkedKernels/prelinkedkernel
touch /Volumes/my-osx-drive/System/Library/Extensions
kextcache -u /Volumes/my-osx-drive

At least with this I can target something other than the boot volume?


I understand that rm -f will forcibly remove prelinked kernel - but do I want to do that? I think I do as that's the sense I got from this article https://blog.obdev.at/how-kernel-prelininkg-works-on-macos-catalina/

But that applies to Catalina not Mojave so I need to check with someone ?


touch is then creating the Extensions file - but presumably that already exists?


Is there a better option? Can I just point Mac Optimser  at a non boot volume?


Lastly with Migration Assistant if I'd just selected the users but left all the other stuff unchecked would this have worked OK? i.e. not imported old kexts?


Thanks in advance

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