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optical out 5.1 dts to my receiver gigabyte z390 pro opencore catalina 10.5.4

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Hello everyone

this is my specs:
opencore 0.5.8 catalina 10.5.4 dual os (win10)

gigabyte z390 pro
intel i7 9700k 3.6 OC to 4.7@1.235v stable
2X crosair 16gb ddr4 3000
Radeon rx 5700 gaming 8gb
highpower 750W
coolermaster cosmos s case

ok this motherboard (z390 pro) doesn't have dts license so i have downloaded for windows (my second os) patched dll and unofficial installation of the realtek alc1200-vb driver and it works now i have dts passthrough to my receiver and it work flawlessly
on the other side in mac os the sound comes out to my receiver and i hear surround sound but the receiver does't see the source as it should (dts) and i'm sure there is way to solved it please help. 

thank you for reading this 



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