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I have come from another board TonyMac after having my post removed my their mods for using the word disrto. Any how my question is that I used a bistro to install Mac OS Catalina every thing worked apart from Apple TV streaming, I have seen post on other farms not to use distros so I thought this may be my problem so I started again this time making a vanilla install this did indeed work better but I still have the problem of Apple TV refusing to stream.  when you click on a tv show it gets as far as the Apple TV + title then exits back to the main Apple TV app and will not play the show.


my specs are


generic h81 Chinese motherboard

8 gb ram

gtx 650 ti 2gb


as I said everything works apart from Apple TV streaming.    


I would be greatfull of any help, also if I have said anything that is not allowed the let me know and I will edit the post




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