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Lenovo Ideapad 310 Fan Control


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Just a small but irritating issue. I have been trying to figure out the fan control for this following laptop


Lenovo Ideapad 310-15IKB

Intel Core i3 (7th Gen) 7100U / 2.4 GHz

Intel HD620

12 GB DDR4

120 GB SSD


The fans are all gas and no brake on this thing. There is no adjustment for them via BIOS. They are draining the battery fairly quickly. My CPU temp is average 37 to 40 degrees which is right about the same when i looked in Windows. I cant remember where but I remember seeing something about the fans kick on around 30 degrees. Although, Windows they do not run full blast all the time, so this leads me to believe I can adjust this some way. I have gone through the DSDT multiple times, tried some different routes tried fakesmc and virtualsmc but just cant figure it out. I am curious if i need to adjust the CPU power management slightly to reduce the fan speeds? My ultimate goal would be to know the RPM's at the very least, but also be able to manually adjust or create a better curve to help with power/noise. Ive dumped my info in the attached files. Any help would be appreciated. 


P.S I am also wondering what more I can remove from my config.plist to slim it down.

Send me Misters-Mac.zip

PCI List.png



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