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El Capitan can't boot form HDD

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I have El Capitan on a Toshiba Satellite A660. ethernet works, sound work, camera works,Graphics works, Printer works, Usb works, just have to get it to boot from hdd.

I have try to copy the efi folder from the usb  to the efi partition of the hdd.

not sure what to try now.

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Tell us you did install Clover on your target partition/disk, right?


If so, please specify:

  • Clover version used
  • Installation settings used
  • BIOS mode of your Hack: UEFI or Legacy
  • Computer hardware specifications

and post a zipped copy of your EFI folder

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Toshiba Laptop Intel core i7 740QM

Clarks field socks 989rPGA

MB is Toshiba NWQAA       bios V 2.30

Intel  5 Series Chipset   

 Ram 4GBs

Yes i did install clover to the hdd

clover v2.5k_r5078

bios mode is Legacy


thanks is advance

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clover settings


    install boot0af in MBR

clover for BIOS (legacy) booting

    BIOS EFI  64 Bits sata

BIOS drivers 64 bit

     Recommend drivers




File system drivers




I did a custom install of clover.


EFI 3.zip

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You're running El Capitan, so no need of APFS module/driver.


With BIOS in legacy mode, you should install Clover r5078 in the following manner:

  1. target your disk's 1st partition
  2. select the following options

Clover_01.jpg.fff02f79379f19acc5ca2086f5c9e753.jpg (mandatory)


Clover_02.jpg.74892b7ae3244698f5a26e9bba6c1a96.jpg (AudioDxe + XhciDxe optional/if required)


Clover_03.jpg.1cb57719ded3358557c44acdb0d52252.jpg (optional/if access to such partitions are required)


Clover_04.jpg.6a4106fcb53a842711e5df736ab12791.jpg (Themes and PrefPane are optional)


Once you confirm you can boot 100% from the HDD on its own, we'll look at optimising your setup (CPU power management and all the rest...).

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ok I ran clover with the setting that you show , did a restart whit out the usb plugged in but the hdd would not boot.

so I booted from the usb and it keeps going to the installer for OSX 10.11 .

so I format the driver to start over.

I now have a clean install of OSX 10.11.6.

so I ran clover again with the setting that you show .

on partition 0s1 that is the efi  for the hdd

still need the usb to boot.

should I copy the clover folder form the usb to the clover folder on the hdd?

Thanks again for your help

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