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BOOTCAMP-What a load of {censored}


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I have Windows currently installed, not by usual method, because Windows won't install unless its disk zero.

I'm ditching my Hackintosh and going full Apple, got like them Apples ;)


Decided to give BOOTCAMP a go, WTF

Who wrote this piece of {censored}


Insert a 64GB USB KEY, can't format it!!

BUT it does make it a GUID Partition


OK try NOT making USB.

Drive cannot be used, must be Master Boot Record



I'm trying to do this on my Hackintosh


Just need to get my 2009 27Inch iMac fixed, dreaded graphics problem, and throw in SDSD, Max the ram

I bought this for $100au


Appears Apple make Hardware same as they make software, {censored}!!














I uploaded Pix in CORRECT order but stupid forum software REVERSED order, so start at bottom and work your way up, just like you do to the missus, ;)

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Tried Mojave Version, working but still has bug.

Using an exfat formatted USB it errors out "Not Enough Space Available"

Come on, it's a 64GB key


Quality control at Apple has gone down the gurgler

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