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[Sell] Computer Parts, Memory, Games, etc

Mac OSX Coder

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I have the following for sale:


(3) IDE Cables

Mech Assault (Original) Xbox Game

NBA Live 2005 Xbox Game

Splinter Cell (Original) Xbox Game

Top Spin 2005/NCAA Football (One-Disc) Xbox Game

Xbox memory card reader (USB, original Xbox)

Case Logic CD Player Case

Best Buy Caribeener Clip

(2) 128MB Lexar Compact Flash

64MB Sandisk Compact Flash

Gamestop Gamecube wired controller

USB Mouse (blue led, awesome :) )

Apple iPod Dock 20GB (40GB cover included)


Name your price!

(No ridiculous prices like, $.01 please!)


You pay shipping [:


I also have variosu things for sale if you'd like! Just ask and i'll see!

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