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[OpenCore] Asus Z77 Gene V + 3770k - problem with PM and SSDT


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Hi guys,


I'm having some issues with PM I guess. When I'm using NullCPUPowerManagement.kext my CPU is working at 3.5-3.6GHz max.. so no proper turbo boots and also when in IDLE it's constantly 2+GHz... but at least everything else works fine. No freeze or crashing.


My MBO Bios is patched with UEFIPatch... Using latest OpenCore (EFI folder attached).. I have generated SSDT.aml file with ssdtprgen.sh and it's added to config and proper folder. After I disable NullCPUPowerManagement it boots properly and checking with Intel Power Gadget Max frequency is 3.9GHz, IDLE 1.6GHz and everything seems fine.. but after 1min or so everything just freeze... Do I have to apply some patch? Really not sure why I'm getting that complete freeze each time I disable NullCPUPowerManagement and enable generated SSDT.aml..


Thank you for your help and suggestions!


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