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Get it to install first time and now it wont even boot..


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Sorry to create another topic, but I'm going crazy...No really... Tried installing 10.4.7 and it worked... took a whole afternoon, but finally I got it working... then I started messing with the drivers, and all that, and after callisto I couldn't get any image... so I though, lets start over... now I cannot get any of the DVDs I have to boot... 10.4.6-8 Panic and more Panic! Tried with the exact same boot options that I had sucess before (as I wrote then down just in case) and nothing!! So... any thoughts at all??? Or should I go try Windows and ubuntu?? OS X was sooo fine... :censored2:

Cheers m8s!


Edit: Nevermind, tried VMware with 10.4.6 and 10.4.7 and they both worked. Gonna try installing in the morning and see how it goes... Persistency, the key to get OSX86 to work...

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