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How to Disable NVIDIA GTX 1080 on Laptop Asus Zephyrus GX501


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I am really trying to disable my Nvidia Graphics Card, using CLOVER and booting Catalina and I cannot see how this would be possible. I've tried many guides patching SSDT, DSDT, CLOVER config.plist for Whatevergreen and so far I get only the Display 8mb (from About this MAC) and if I use the flag -wegnoegpu in the config from CLOVER I get stuck into boot not going to Welcome Screen.


I've seen a few people with similar hardware like williambj1 with a Zephyrus GX531 who managed to disable his Nvidia card but trying his EFI, SSDTs and DSDT got me nowhere. I know the hardware is not exactly the same but I was hoping to get at least the UHD 630 Graphics card from Intel shown in About MAC.


My Hardware is a laptop Asus Zephyrus GX501GI-XS74 with Nvidia 1080 Max-q and an Intel Core i7-8750H Processor. From BIOS it is not possible to disable the discrete Graphics Card... It doesn't even show the Intel GPU on Windows 10. Using High Sierra, the Web drivers and CUDA work just fine but as you know this is not possible on Mojave or Catalina.


If someone with a similar hardware could point me into some direction I would appreciate it very much.

My files are a bit messed up from all the trials and errors but hopefully someone can understand what I'm doing wrong.


Thanks a lot





Send me.zip

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