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ThinkPad P50 BCM94360CS2 with Mini PCI-e adapter

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Hey guys,

Recently I managed to set up Catalina 10.15.3 on my Lenovo ThinkPad P50. It's my first successful hackintosh build ever, so I'm still learning my way around. Since this laptop has an available Mini PCI-E slot intended for LTE card (which is currently unused), I was wondering if it would be possible to install a BCM94360CS2 card with an adapter like this one: https://ebay.to/37gE6PQ
Dimensions seem to be sufficient (I measured around 34x53mm of space), I'm only not sure about the thickness of the card + adapter. There's about 10mm of height available and I'm not sure if the card+adapter+antennas are thinner than that. There are even antennas available to plug in.
This way I would get to keep the original Intel WiFi card (for Windows dual-boot) and have the native Apple card for hackintosh. Is this generally a viable option? I'm attaching a picture for reference.

Thanks in advance.


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Answer is no because:

  1. the WWAN slot you pictured is not mini-PCIe but M.2 Key B and you're unlikely to find M.2 Key B adapters for Apple cards; I only know of such adapters with Key A/E (like your WLAN slot & Intel wireless card). Example here. A/E cards cannot fit into Key B slot.
  2. the WWAN M.2 slot may not support combo PCIe + USB, both of which being required for wireless + Bluetooth


Just replace your Intel card by a combo 867Mbps ac + BT4.1 dual-antennas BCM4350 card. There are Lenovo models (00JT493 and 00JT494) on top of Dell ones (DW1820A) though latter may not be suitable if BIOS has whitelist. All are of course supported in Windows.



I also understand there are Fenvi M.2 Key A/E 2230 cards with BCM94360xxx chipset which could be an interesting alternative. No particular experience with those however so can't say if it's genuine, viable or worthless. Example here. Much more expensive than proven BCM4350 for same performance, so...

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Ah, I understand. That's unfortunate.

I'm finding contradictory information regarding whitelist on P50, I'll need to dig a bit more.

For example, here it's said that Lenovo no longer uses whitelist for P50, but it's the only place I found that kind of info:


What is the common situation, do Lenovo cars work on all Lenovo laptops, or you need a specific Lenovo model for a specific laptop if it has a whitelist?

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I've dug a bit more, including the forum you linked and it seems that P50 luckily has no WiFi whitelist. I've ordered both Lenovo 00JT494 and DW1820A so we'll see how it goes when they arrive. Thanks for your help, that OSX Latitude forum link was very useful.

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