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Disable NVIDIA GPU using Clover config

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In order to run Mojave and Catalina I added an AMD GPU (Radeon RX560) to my Hackintosh. I don't want to remove the much more powerful NVIDIA GPU that was in there already because I also use the machine for gaming under Windows. So far, so good, I'm not the only on in this situation.


Things mostly work but the Hackintosh can't sleep anymore. (It worked well under High Sierra with the NVIDIA web drivers installed.) Of course, this could be another issue with Mojave, but searching this forum makes me believe that the reason why the Hack doesn't sleep anymore is that macOS still sees the NVIDIA GPU and doesn't know how to make it sleep.


Now, I've seen a number of reports that seem to fix this with custom DSDT's. I have also found an article that describes multiple options to disable an unwanted GPU (https://khronokernel-4.gitbook.io/disable-unsupported-gpus/). I have tried option 2 and 4 from this article, but in both cases macOS still shows the NVIDIA GPU in a somehwat generic way (see attached), and sleep doesn't work.


Before I continue, can someone who has successfully "disabled" a GPU tell me what the list in System Information should look like? When you disable the GPU, with a DSTD or config.plst, should the GPU not show up the Graphics/Displays section? Or is that normal and I have another issue?

Screenshot 2020-02-09 at 14.56.53.png

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