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Glitchy display/audio on Z370N using ludufre's guide


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@ludufre provided a great guide on getting Catalina running on this hardware but it's not working quite right... I've got almost the same hardware as he does:


Z370N & BIOS F10 with correct settings
No wireless card (waiting on adapter from China and using USB Bluetooth adapter which is working fine)
2x8GB RAM at stock speed
Samsung 970 Pro 500GB (updated firmware)
300w Silverstone 80+ bronze PSU
Asus PB287Q 4K connected via DP
2x LG 24MB35 connected via HDMI-DVI
Catalina 10.15.1

No Audio except through DP
DP flickers on and off about every 10 seconds if used alone
DP+HDMI = no display
DP+both HDMI = no boot
One HDMI = fine

Triple display works in win10 fine

Tried just about every SMBIOS and no soup. Also tried Audio 1, 7, and 11. Here's my Clover folder.


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