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how is Panic Report stored in NVRAM different from -verbose?


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When having trouble installing 10.15.x, I would boot up into a 10.14.6 SSD and see the Apple Dialog about having a problem.


I could grab a rather verbose panic report from this dialog.


(should I  "nvram -c" in the terminal to clear this before my next attempt?)


How is this different from adding the -verbose flag in Clover (is this the same as the -v below?  Can it write to a log file in addition to the screen?), and also from the:


Formerly known as "Log" before revision 3064
If you are unable to boot into the Clover you can use this setting to produces a debug output to /EFI/CLOVER/misc/debug.log.


and the:

At this section you can add "Boot Flags" and "Kernel Flags" to be used by the system... Here we will list only Clover's proprietary "Boot Flags", different flags, like for example, npci=0x2000, npci=0x3000, darkwake=0, etc..., should work as expected...
-v - Verbose Boot.
-s - Boot OS X into Single User Mode.
-x - Boot OS X into SafeBoot (Safe Mode).
MountEFI=yes/diskX - Mount EFI partition at every boot or from disk X (X = disk number).
LogLineCount=0 - Set maximum number of lines for log file, default 0 (no Limit).
LogLocation=PATH - Set the path for the log files to be saved.
LogEveryBoot=Yes/No - Save log files at every boot.
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