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i was fiddling with resolution setting on my laptop and accidentally swithced to 800x600. this resulted in a blank blue screen. i tried to resolve the problem by pugging in a 2nd moniter. when i did this, both screens were working fine. however, when i unpugged the 2nd moniter the laptop screen went back to the blank blue screen or , bizzarly, showed a small section of the desktop where i could move the mouse but not actually click on anything.

i played around with more settings and when i tried 800x600 (streched) with mirroring on both screens went blank blue and would not come back even after restart.


is there anything i can do?


my graphics card is intel 945gm.



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can any1 help with the problems above?


when i was putting the code in i made a few mistakes and redid the whole thing several times.

Without knowing exactly what you typed when you made the mistakes, it is virtually impossible to know what you may have broken.

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i typed it once when i left out the * at the end of the last two lines.


also, when i got it working , i wasnt sure if i needed the * so i typed every line twice, once without the * and once with.

im new to this so forgive me for making such a stupid mistake :(


i also tried different ways of typing my user name (randy furlong) : randyfurlong, randy furlong and randy-furlong.


i think i might also have typed "volume" instead of "volumes" once (or vice versa :) )



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If that is truly all you did, unless I missed something, you shouldn't have caused any damage.


Your username: randyfurlong

Open Terminal. It tells you your username. Don't believe it? Type: whoami


Try cleaning up some caches and see if it fixes something. Download Onyx: http://www.titanium.free.fr/pgs2/english/download.html


Run the following (ignore the S.M.A.R.T error if it pops up):

- If you shutdown your computer every night, then run this:

Maintenance -> Run Maintenance Scripts -> (all 3 selections) -> Execute


- Run these:

Maintenance -> Reset -> LaunchServices database -> Execute

Cleaning -> Caches -> (all 4 selections) -> Execute

Cleaning -> Misc Options -> Temporary and Obsolete items -> Execute


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