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A1418 iMac 21.5" Display Problem

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Hello all


Has anyone else experienced a display issue with the late 2013 iMac 21.5" A1418 ?


Basically the machine needed a new hard drive. After dissassembly, the machine was reassembled and display wouldnt light up.


All cables are seated properly. No damage was caused.


The machine chimes as normal once powered on. The PRAM can be reset ok. The SMC has been reset.


When the screen is connected via the ribbon cable to the logic board.


Noticed there are four green LEDs on the front of the logic board. One appears when the machine is plugged in. And another two appear once you press the power on button and stay on. But the last one doesn't light up?


Unable to connect to external monitor, but have a 2011 (17") macbook pro.Is it possible to connect imac to mbp ?


Any ideas in general would be welcome.



Thanks in advance







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