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2 Hibernation Programs...


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I've looked at various guides that talk about enabling Hibernation or Safe Sleep on their MACs.. But it looks like there have been problems getting it to work on non-MAC hardware..


Anyway, i was looking around Version Tracker, and i found two programs that claim to be able to hibernate or Safe Sleep OS X.


Has anybody tried them on Non-MAC hardware? I'm too scared, lol


The two programs are:-








Anybody brave enough to try them and give us some feedback? :(

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tried both of them

they dont work :blowup:

Hibernate is a prefpane which is nice but u just cant enable hibernation. when i enable hibernation it changes back

SuspendNow! is script which actually made my pc to sleep with everything turned on :S

the screen went blank and i thought "here we go..another reinstallation" but got it back after force restart


bottom point is

they're for MACs


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