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Updating Old Gigabyte System

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There's been a couple posts about my system on different forums and someone was kind enough to provide a working EFI folder for updating to Mojave.


When I update from El Cap to Mojave - since I already have a working clover Bootlaoder ---> will this work:
1. Backup HD and EFI
2. Update Clover using the dids pkg
3. Wipe HD
4. Install MacOS Mojave
5. If any problems arise copy kexts from working EFI folder?

Thanks. I have an old installation of Logic and Adobe Creative Cloud and the corresponding libraries and caches are taking up a ton of space so I figured I'd just do a fresh install.


When I mount my old clover/efi folder - there's no kexts there - they're all in L/E. Is there a way to do this where I keep them in clover/efi? I'm assuming just update clover to match the known Mojave working efi posted?

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You can of course inject kexts from Clover (through E/C/k/O or E/C/k/10.xx folders) but the recommended method is to inject only the bare minimal set of kexts during initial installation and setup (mandatory due to absence of kext cache) but to subsequently cache all add-on kexts from /L/E once OS installation is complete. Caching kexts is what the OS was designed for...

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