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Black screen after sleep Probook 650 G1

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Hi all,


I have been struggling before with my Probook 650 G1 and the black screen after sleep and have accepted that issue until now

For some reason I could never figure it out, but right now I am very near a solution.


My current EFI folder is attached to this topic, in it are 2 config.plist files

config.plist works great except the display sleep issue

configok.plist is really bad with a lot of things (audio, power management, external HDMI, brightness control etc) that are not working, but my display works after sleep :-)

Something I noticed, with config.plist the screen goes completely black after going to sleep but configok.plist first switches graphics off and afterwards the backlight

With both plist files waking the machine results in backlight going on but with configok.plist I also gets graphics.

Is there someone willing to have a look at the config files to see if it is possible to get display sleep working in config.plist?

Unfortunately my knowledge of editing those files is very limited.


Below are the specs of my machine

HP Probook 650G1

Bios L77 1.49 in UEFI mode with CSM

8GB Ram


Core i5-4210M

WiFi, Broadcom

Full HD screen 1920*1080

Intel HD4600 video

Model emulation, macbookpro 11.1

Clover 5102




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