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Wireless Issue

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Well got my Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54-AI working with the latest Ralink Driver. I can connect to my router (Linksys WRT-54GL) just fine thru the Ralink USB Wireless Utility but the problem is I cant cruise the web. I read around that I should use the System Preferences/Network to setup my new connection but its not listed there. All I see is my "dead/no functional" on-board 3com920 wired ethernet as an option and none other.


Under System profiler my USB WiFi shows up as BSD name : en0. Under Network it says "Built-in Ethernet", Type: Ethernet, Hardware: Ethernet, BSD Device Name: en0, IPv4 Address:, Config Method: DHCP, Interface Name: en0, Subnet Masks:


Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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Tried the drivers but my USB Wifi wouldnt connect. Think its older drivers but not sure. thanks for youe help and if you have any other suggestions please throw them my way!!!!


too all of you that have a buffalo wli-u2-kg54-ai working....can u please let me know what you did to get it working? i can connect to my router fine but cant cruise the web.



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Hello again Rammjet,


ok heres the scoop. so i went to system prefrences->network->show->Network port configurations->new... and this is what shows up in the show windows : network status, built-in ethernet, network port configurations and in network port configurations i only have built-in ethernet as an option which is checked and active. there is no airport option.


also, the buffalo was in the info.plist. i had to tweak the idproduct key in the plist to make the buffalo work but everything else is factory.


in the usbwireless utility, it states that i am connected to my router but i think your right in that its not. kinda weird.


heres some info that might be helpful that a got.


under "about this mac / more info"





Removable Media: No

Detachable Drive: Yes

BSD Name: en0

Version: 0.01

Bus Power (mA): 500

Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec

Manufacturer: Buffalo

OS9 Drivers: No

Product ID: 0x0067

Vendor ID: 0x0411


and network...

Built-in Ethernet:


Type: Ethernet

Hardware: Ethernet

BSD Device Name: en0

IPv4 Addresses:



Configuration Method: DHCP

Interface Name: en0

Subnet Masks:


Configuration Method: Automatic


FTP Proxy Enabled: No

FTP Passive Mode: Yes

Gopher Proxy Enabled: No

HTTP Proxy Enabled: No

HTTPS Proxy Enabled: No

RTSP Proxy Enabled: No

SOCKS Proxy Enabled: No


MAC Address:

Media Options:

Media Subtype: autoselect


damn i keep thanking you guys but here it goes again, THANKS for helping me out and trying to get this working!!!!!


See ya soon! hehe...unless i get it fixed that is....

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